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Croda da Lago Refuge G. Palmieri
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An undisputed natural paradise, the refuge is situated in a magical spot overlooking the colossal mountains of Croda da Lago, Croda Rossa, Pomagagnon, Cristallo, Sorapiss and Becco di Mezzodì.

Far from the bustle of everyday life, it is easy to reach on foot and by mountain bike. It is run by mountain guide Modesto Alverà and his wife Monica, who have managed to maintain the “old style” of the historic refuges of yesteryear.

The refuge is a favourite haunt of sledge enthusiasts, who on their return can descend along a snow-covered road that is 7 kilometres long.

Within its walls there is a joyous atmosphere that only the harmony of a large family can convey. Modesto and Monica, in fact, work together with their five children.

Lake Federa, an extraordinary jewel in this casket, extends to the side of the refuge. It is a beautiful playground for children; its waters host small fish, molluscs and alpine newts.

The lake is thought to be fed by one or more underground sources, although Angelica, the youngest member of the household, is not convinced of this. According to Angelica, its origin goes back to an ancient legend: a perfidious dragon, envious of the flourishing town of Miliera, founded at Fraina by the adventurer Zan de Rame and his companion Donna Dindia, destroyed the town and then returned here to the mountains. He dug a hollow at the foot of the wall, where he settled down to bask in the sun. With the passage of time the water came down from the snowfields and filled in the hollow, thus forming the lake which mirrors the Croda da Lago…Who should we believe? It’s up to you to decide.

New: Sauna at 2000 meter altitude.



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