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The Great War in Ampezzo

On 23rd May 1915, the Kingdom of Italy declared war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Italian Army occupied Cortina, thus ending four centuries of Hapsburg Empire rule there.

The Austro-Hungarian troops withdrew onto the Lagazuoi to defend the Badia Valley and Pusteria.

The trenches of the two opposing armies wound along the ridges.

From that moment onwards, the mountains of the Lagazuoi 5 Torri area became the theatre of an incredible war fought at high altitude.

Today, thanks to the collaboration of our erstwhile enemies, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian emplacements on the mountains have been restored.

Out if this arose the most widely extended museum of the Great War, comprising the three open-air museums of the Lagazuoi, the 5 Torri and the Sasso di Stria, and the Museum of the Tre Sassi Fort.

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