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5 Torri Front

Since the very beginning of the First World War, when the Italian Army were advancing towards Val Badia along the Road of the Dolomites from Cortina to the Falzarego Pass, the strategic importance of the Cinque Torri area was immediately clear.

Most important of all, was the observatory at 2477 m of height on Mount Nuvolau, dominating Falzarego, Val Cordevole, upper Val Costeana and Val Badia; it was a sort of "window" open onto Col di Lana, Sief, and Settsass.

All the movements of the troops located in this wide zone could be followed from this top.The Italian Army took up positions in the Cinque Torri area at the beginning of June 1915; the troops were arranged in holes excavated beneath the rocky walls or wherever sheltering was possible.

A hard and difficult work started immediately; trenches and emplacements were built and telephone lines and field telegraph, warehouses for food and munitions, shelters for the animals and barns were arranged.

Here were set up the Headquarters of the italian mountain artillery group; gigantic Navy cannons (da marina) were transported here which could shoot shells 30 cm in diameter.



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