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A DAY IN PINK - Rifugio Averau - 8th March

Harp and beetroot to adequately celebrate Women's Day.

On the International Woman’s Day the Siorpaes family will come up with a combination of tradition, inspiration and sweet melodies.

On this occasion, the kitchen prepares one of the typical dishes of the Ampezzo Valley, the "Casunziei", a sort of ravioli with beetroots, but with a strange twist: the dish is cooked with the same ingredients in reverse order.

Playing enchanting, relaxing melodies on the Celtic harp, the musician Sonia Dainese creates an especially pleasant atmosphere

Concert from 12.30 pm until 3 pm

Information and reservations:

Siorpaes family – Rifugio Averau
+39 0436 – 4660

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